Introducing the latest innovation in refreshment and relaxation: Kratom Seltzers! Crafted for those seeking a natural way to unwind, each of our Kratom-infused seltzers delivers a burst of fun and a gentle, soothing effect.

Available in four tantalizing varieties – Blood Orange, Paradise Punch, Mango, and Black Cherry – our Kratom Seltzers come in convenient cases of 24 cans, ensuring you always have your favorite on hand. At just $4.75 per unit, our wholesale pricing makes it easy to stock up and satisfy your customers’ cravings for both taste and tranquility.

But that’s not all – with an MSRP of $9.95 per can, retailers can enjoy attractive profit margins while providing their clientele with an affordable indulgence. Plus, as an exclusive offer, each case purchase includes complimentary Club13 Kratom Liquid Extract, enhancing the value proposition.

Whether enjoyed on their own or mixed into creative cocktails, our Kratom Seltzers are poised to become the go-to choice for those seeking a refreshing beverage with a calming twist. Elevate your beverage selection and join the Kratom Seltzer craze today!


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